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Habanero Salt
  • We take our imported Trapani sea salt, smoke it, and then add just the right amount of dried habanero pepper.  This is a hot, spicy salt that adds an instant kick to anything you want.  Make it bold by finishing any protein or vegetable dish.


    While stationed in Sicily, Rick had the opportunity to experience the amazing sea salt from Trapani, Italy.  Hand-harvested in the salt pans of Trapani, these crystals are the first to bloom on the surface of salt ponds and thus retain valuable nutrients that add a subtle mineral flavor.  Trapani sea salt is unrefined, has a coarser grain, and therefore, is more flavorful than table salt.  At Quail and Hound, we use a cold smoke process to add cherry and apple wood aroma and flavor to Trapani sea salt.  This gives it an exceptional flavor profile that will quickly become your favorite.  Because of the complex flavor and added smoke, our salt is best used to finish red, white, and game meat dishes and vegetables just before serving, as adding it early in cooking will dilute its unique properties.  It’s also great for finishing raw meat dishes and salads.  These products are MSG and gluten-free.

    Habanero Salt

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    • If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase. Just contact us so we can process your refund.

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