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Natural Honeycomb with Wildflower Honey, 22 oz
  • Our natural, raw honeycomb with wildflower honey is now available in bottles.  Wildlfower honey is exactly that... honey derived from a variety of wildflowers and plants that bloom during spring and summer.  Wildflower can range from a light golden to a rich-amber colored honey. From year to year and hive to hive, the colors vary depdning on the blossoms in the area. This process depends on spring temperatures, snow and rainfall, and other changes in weather, while the bees forage.


    Folks like comb with wildflower honey for its rich and varied characteristics in color and taste, which pairs yogurt, and makes for a beautiful, decorate and flavorful addition to charcuterie, cheese, breakfast, and dessert boards and tables.  Check out the forum for ideas and recipes.

    Natural Honeycomb with Wildflower Honey, 22 oz

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    • Weekly deliveries are made to the Purcellville, Leesburg, and Middleburg area. 

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