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My honey is crunchy. Is it still good?

Has your honey ever become crunchy? Sometimes the honey will be lumpy or may even have little white flecks floating in it. Before you do anything impulsive, do not throw it out! Your honey is not bad; it’s crystallized, and it’s totally natural. It’s actually my favorite way to eat honey... crystallized honey on buttered toast.

Crystallization is a natural process in homey. Your honey is going through a natural process. Here are a few go-to facts to help you navigate the world of crystallized honey.


When honey crystallizes, it is still as nutritious and sweet as ever! In fact, the crystals prove that your honey is high quality and hasn’t been processed. It means that nutritious pollen hasn’t been filtered out and important enzymes haven’t been damaged by pasteurization. Quail and Hound Farms’ honey is more likely to crystallize, because we do not heat during extraction or bottling. Temperatures lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit can cause crystallization (My Florida, Texas, and Cali friends likely don’t have to worry about this 😉). This crystallization even happens inside the hive in colder temperatures.


Can you make your honey smooth and liquidy again? Of course you can. Justfill a bowl with warm water and let your bottle rest until the crystals dissipate. DO NOT microwave your honey because the heat will destroy many of your favorite enzymes and vitamins.

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