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Thanksgiving Is Coming...

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Thanksgiving is definitely one of Wendy's favorite holidays. Since it's in the middle of the week, friends generally don't travel home, so we have lots of friends over along with our kids. So what does our family eat? Years ago we decided we really didn't like turkey... we tried, we really tried, but no matter what we did (brine it, fry it, etc.), it was always dry. We preferred dark meat poultry like duck and goose, and we also love pork. This Thanksgiving we're opting for a pork butt.

Yes, we will use our products in our Thanksgiving meal... Our Pork Barrel will add the perfect flavor to our main dish,, Flame and Smoke on our green beans, our habanero honey in our cornbread recipe, and honey in whatever dessert we decide to make. This year, we'll save the goose for Christmas.

Check out our forum for additional recipes, or ask Rick for expert cooking advice. Hope you all have a safe, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving.

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Quail and Hound style Thanksgiving. Pork butt, black beans, rice, along with green beans and bourbon sweet potatoes.

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