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New Products; Great Service

So we’re excited to launch three new products this week. First, after much demand we’re selling our Raw Wildflower Honey in 1 gallon jugs with an easy pour top. This is great for restaurants and chefs who want the best honey in No. Va. Now available

Also, we’re proud to launch a new Q&H Signature Sauce that is quickly becoming my favorite. Bourbon Peach Grilling Sauce. This works on everything and leaves a smooth, sweet finish with a great aroma. Will be available this month.

Finally, Wendy and I created and bottled our delicious Garlic Lovers Seasoning. Use this instead of plain garlic powder in your recipes. You’ll smell that robust garlic along with herbs & spices. Mix with olive oil and marinate your chicken before grilling or baking.  Sprinkle this over your salad and the flavor is over the top!  It is great in soups, casseroles and pasta dishes.  Mix with unsalted butter and chill for an irresistible garlic butter for bread or put a scoop on top of your sizzling steak right before serving.

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